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: 11.09.2022
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: 11, 2022 7:54 am     : Helping The Heroes Sinch's Partnership With Godhjäl

As awful as the pandemic has been the period has also shown us heroism that inspires us and leaves us grateful. Those who fit the description are frontline workers, teachers, supermarket and pharmacy employees, and many others. Sinch is proud to aid yet another group of heroes, those staying home, dubbed Home Heroes, through a partnership with GodHjälp. GodHjälp (Good Help in English) provides home delivery of food and pharmaceuticals to risk groups in Sweden. Together with Sinch and others, it brings people in risk groups and verified volunteers together, thus providing the opportunity for those at risk (the Home Heros) to stay home, save lives, and decrease the impact on the healthcare system.

Being isolated and taking on the challenge of staying home is a big effort for anyone, and the program enables the Home Heroes to make it happen by staying home from the store. Swedes across the country can register online for free as a Home Hero. They can then leave their shopping list of food or pharmacy goods Benin Phone Number to be matched with a volunteer who will then contact them to go through the timings on delivery. Delivery is free of charge, Home Heroes only pay for their goods, according to the volunteer's receipt. The sign-up process for volunteers is similar, with over 6,000 registered, the youngest being only 10 years old.

Heres how the process works GodHjälp sends a rich message via Sinch to volunteers You are registered as a volunteer for GodHjälp. Right now, we have a Home Hero (person in risk group) in Sollentuna who needs help. Can you take this mission and help today or tomorrow? If you have the opportunity to help, go to or via the button below and take on the mission. If the GodHjälp symbol is not visible on the map, its because another volunteer has taken the assignment. But feel free to log in again, new assignments come in regularly. Thank you for wanting to help. When the volunteer goes to the website, they find a shopping list for food or other necessities.
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